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  • Understanding All of the Costs Involved with Owning Servers.

    If you have a business, you will understand how important a quality server system is to your business's success. However, a quality server for your business isn't something that comes without its costs. Understanding how much your server is costing your company is an important budget item when it comes to planning how much money your company is spending on an annual basis.

  • Comparing Blade Servers vs. Rack Servers vs. Tower Servers.

    When it comes to choosing a server that meets your company's needs, you have a whole variety of options including blade, rack, and tower servers to name a few. Each type of server serves a different purpose and meets the needs of specific companies for specific reasons. Knowing what each server specializes in and comparing them can help you determine which server is the best choice for your business.

  • What Are Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructures?

    In the old days of computing, a huge mainframe dominated the data center. Then came the microprocessor revolution, and the one became many. A separate box, costing very little, took care of each distinct service. Even processing and storage separated, with the advent of network attached storage (NAS). Local networks grew rapidly, with each device having its own IP address and access configuration.

  • How Does the Cloud Impact Data Center Architectures?

    It's undoubtedly one of the biggest technologies impacting data center architectures today. The cloud is undoubtedly one of the biggest inventions in technology in quite a long time, and not only is it changing the way we store information, but it's also changing many other aspects of technology as well. Clouds are becoming a commonplace thing that is changing the IT industry as we know it. Many in the IT industry predict multi-cloud platforms will be the next great breakthrough that takes the IT industry to yet another new lev

  • What Is a Software-Defined Data Center?

    A software-defined data center is what is also known today as virtualization. Virtualization is the first step to creating a software-defined data center. Virtualization is a standard technology that was introduced over a decade ago by the VMware.  Virtualization is what is used by most businesses throughout the world today.

  • Windows Server Essentials: Top Pros, Cons, Alternatives, and Options

    The go-to server solution for small and home-based businesses all over the world is Windows Server Essentials. The setup process is easy as Microsoft has provided a checklist and explanation of the process along the way. It also features a dashboard that is straightforward and easy to understand for those who are not IT savvy. The program is perfectly suited for businesses with up to 25 employees and 50 devices and businesses with little IT support. If your small business needs centralized device management, connectivity, and data storage, Windows Server Essentials is for you-however, it is not the only solution to the server dilemma. 

  • 7 Key Things to Consider About Your Data Backup Practices

    Anyone who works with computers has lost an hour or two of their hard work when the computer decides to quit working for a certain period. These experiences with technology can be anything from frustrating to infuriating, depending on what kind of work you were doing and how much work you lost.

  • Offsite/Onsite Data Protection: How to Choose Wisely

    Regardless of the type of business you're running, safeguarding the important data stored in your company's infrastructure is a top priority. Implementing a security system you can rely on backs up your data in the event of an emergency and prevents information loss which can have disastrous results. The loss of data on your desktops and servers can potentially paralyze a business. It is highly recommended that organizations have both a backup and disaster recovery plan ready to ensure business continuity is consistently maintained. The more you know about how each method operates, the better your security will be.

  • The year of POWER9

    It’s been just over a year since the launch of the new IBM POWER9 processor and POWER9-based IBM Power Systems servers. As we cap off a successful 2018 for IBM, we’re looking back at what the analysts, experts and media have said about POWER9 and IBM’s newest line of Power Systems servers.

  • 15 Savvy Uses and Benefits of Cloud Contact Centers

    Your company's cloud contact center is the apex of your organization. It is hosted on your server and is the point which all in and outbound communications from customers are handled. Cloud contact centers interact via the internet, voice, social media, and email as it is accessible in virtually every geographical location.


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