Top 5 Cloud Hosting Service Providers for Enterprise Applications.

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Service Providers for Enterprise Applications

Cloud computing is the savior of data backup because it offers you peace of mind in regard to data retrieval. With cloud storage, you are sure of your data's safety. Your application will auto sync in case of updates ensuring that it is always up to date. Last but not least, your application will run without any glitches since it is a cloud server based and not PC based. As such, it does not require a large RAM on your computer for it to work.

1. Amazon Web Services

It is one of the safest cloud platform available in the market. Solutions provided include; data storage, Block chain, content delivery, and business applications. They offer an a la carte price list with a pay as you go option making it very affordable.

2. Microsoft Azure

Formerly, Windows Azure, they offer cloud computing support, database management, and programming platforms. The firm offers a 30 days free trial period. Microsoft Azure provides AI services and powerful data for the creation of intelligent apps.

3. Google Cloud Platform

This platform has a pay as you go payment option, and it has integrated storage for developers and enterprise application users. Besides Google Cloud Platform being intelligent and flexible, it also facilitates end-to-end security approach

4. Oracle Cloud

The solutions provided are subscription based, and they can support even the most complex enterprise application in the market. With Oracle Cloud, enterprises can have fast innovations and also significantly improve their customer engagements. This is an ideal solution for digital transformation regardless of the size of business.

5. IBM Cloud

IBM's cloud is a trailblazer in the making with the potential to handle next-generation applications. Services provided include; data storage, migration, integration, protection, cloud development, and mobile support. IBM Cloud allows businesses to evaluate their data using new insights and AI.





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