What is it you want in a server? You want it to be reliable; to deliver great performance; to be easy to manage; to be secure; to stay useful for years. Whether you're installing a new bank of servers or looking to get the most value from your existing data center, Genisys Group will help you with expert recommendations and support.


Your servers are at the center of your operations. They ought to work all the time, and downtime should be a very rare exception. We select servers with high reliability records from our business partners. Setting them up with backup power supplies will guard against outages. Redundant storage options are available to make sure there's no single point of failure. The latest and best software will ensure efficient, bug-free performance. Check out our blog post about the most reliable servers in 2019.


You want servers that will do the job efficiently and at a reasonable price. Processing power, main memory, storage capacity, and bandwidth are all important measures of performance. The right balance among them is different for every installation. Genisys Group's engineers will help you to select ones that meet your current requirements and have headroom for tomorrow's needs.

Ease of management

Servers should be straightforward to install, configure, and maintain. Unnecessary complications not only mean extra work, they increase the risk of making mistakes. A fully automated lifecycle increases your productivity by simplifying every step from deployment to ongoing use to retirement. Automation makes configuration simpler and ensures that you don't forget any important steps. User-friendly management tools make it easy to stay on top of accounts and alter configurations as necessary.

Available features include automated backup, monitoring, error checking, logging, storage optimization, and automatic firmware upgrades. They can operate as discrete units, or you can combine them into a hyper-converged architecture. With the right mix of features, you can make sure that your servers are well maintained without being a burden. Talk to us about the management features you need, and we'll help you to make the best selection.


Criminals want to get at your servers. That's an inescapable fact of life. With in-depth security, you can frustrate their attempts. Full-volume encryption and anti-malware software are parts of a comprehensive security suite. Monitoring and intrusion detection will catch malware before it can do significant harm.

A growing range of servers incorporates protection at the hardware level. A chip for storage of encryption keys makes them unavailable even to applications running on the server. A ROM-based check of boot code when the system comes up makes sure that nothing has been tampered with. Hardware-generated tokens strengthen the reliability of authentication.

Long-term value

You want the investment in your servers to yield a long useful life. Several approaches are available. You can choose a server tower with room for internal expansion and a wealth of ports for external connections. Alternatively, you can build your configuration out of rack-mount cards, replacing them individually as necessary. Genisys Group's experts will help you make sure that whatever path you choose, you avoid dead-end investments and have a smooth upgrade path to take advantage of new technology when it's available.

Making the right choices

There's no "one size fits all" solution for servers. Genisys Group will work with you to assess your business's needs. We'll help you to make sure that you have the performance to support all your applications without spending more than you have to.

Check out the comparison of cloud vs in-house servers to make a more educated choice.

As much as possible, you want your servers to just work. They should run day in and day out with a minimum of attention, over a long working life. We'll help you to select and manage your servers to make that goal come true.


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