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Healthcare organizations need to get information technology right. Regulatory requirements are strict, and the availability of information has a big effect on patient outcomes. The patient, not the paperwork, has to come first. This means spending less time on the details of IT, so there's more time for patients.

Information comes from many sources with different formats. Putting it all together to get a complete picture of the patient's status is vital. At the same time, HIPAA and other regulations require strict privacy and security.

Keeping patient data safe and secure

A top priority is avoiding improper disclosure of protected health information (PHI). Genisys Group's security experts will recommend methods of protection that work reliably without impeding legitimate use. Encryption and strong authorization methods will frustrate data thieves and prevent accidental loss.

Ransomware is the nightmare of every healthcare organization. Backup and disaster recovery systems will get locked information back without having to pay criminals.

Regulatory compliance

Healthcare organizations need to pay close attention to regulations when storing and moving patient data. Breaches due to non-compliance lead to huge fines. New OCR rulings affect how you need to implement the rules. Genisys Group will help your organization to choose services and practices that meet all regulatory requirements.

Time for the patient

Having thorough information about the patient is good. Having to devote all your time to managing the information isn't. Genisys Group will recommend solutions that give you better access to patient information while spending less time at the computer. Diagnoses, test results, and histories come from many different sources. Bringing them all together in a consistent way gives medical professionals a quick, complete understanding of the patient's status and needs.

The goal of healthcare is the best outcome for the patient. Professionals want the technology to do their job well, without unnecessary complications. Genisys Group will help your organization make that happen.


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