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Information technology plays a huge and growing role in manufacturing. Global industries need to coordinate activity around the world. Rapid and smooth communication is the key. New technologies, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and process automation, boost productivity and cost-effectiveness. Single-function robots are giving way to networked machines that can be programmed for a variety of tasks.

Network management

Whether you deploy your own servers, use cloud solutions, or both, Genisys Group's network experts will help you to set up a wide-area network that will bring together all your facilities. High-speed, reliable Internet access eliminates bottlenecks. Everyone who should have access to information will have it right at hand. State-of-the-art security will keep it out of the hands of people who shouldn't have it.

Servers and storage

Data is at the heart of every modern manufacturing operation. Inadequate data management causes inefficiency. Losing information is unacceptable. Genisys Group will help you to choose and set up the servers and databases that will keep information available wherever it is needed. Secure, offsite backup and disaster recovery protect against unforeseen events.

Cloud and on-premises solutions both have their advantages. Private clouds combine many of the advantages of both. The engineers at Genisys Group will help you to determine which works best in any given situation.

Process automation

Manufacturing operations require coordinating many information sources, from materials to production, inventory, and shipping. When disconnected systems service these areas, keeping track of the entire chain is difficult. Process automation brings them together, making a complete picture of the process available in one place. Managers can catch and remedy bottlenecks and delays more quickly.

Your goals are simple: To be as productive as possible and gather the best ROI. Getting there is complicated. Genisys Group will help your business to take advantage of the latest advances in IT and achieve long-term growth in the market.


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