Financial institutions need to be user-friendly. A huge portion of transactions are done online, and customers expect convenience. At the same time, security and confidentiality are absolute requirements. Genisys Group helps banks, credit unions, and other financial organizations to achieve both of these goals with the latest information technology.


Improving the user experience

Web and mobile banking are standard services today. Customers expect them to just work. Their access needs to be secure without being painful. Financial organizations have to meet all regulatory requirements while delivering convenience and ease of use.

Websites and applications should offer a broad range of options without cluttering the screen and confusing the user. Genisys Group will recommend approaches that are user-friendly without compromising data management requirements.

Security and compliance

Financial institutions are the constant targets of online criminals. It's necessary to protect assets from inside threats as well as external ones. Strong encryption of sensitive data, both in storage and in transit, is vital. Part of this is compliance with applicable regulations and standards. We provide advice not only on the technology to use, but also on how to use it to meet regulatory requirements.

Data management

A financial organization's effectiveness as a business depends heavily on the quality of its data centers. The systems need to be extremely reliable, with an absolute minimum of downtime. The data center needs to be physically secure as well as protecting access to its files and databases.

Loss of data due to disasters or hardware failures is unacceptable. Genisys Group will help you to set up a business continuity plan so that even the worst contingencies won't cause permanent data loss or bring services down for long.

Financial institutions constantly have to earn and retain trust. At the same time, customers expect them to be friendly and accessible. We will help you to do both.


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