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  • Top 5 Cloud Hosting Service Providers for Enterprise Applications

    Cloud computing is the savior of data backup because it offers you peace of mind in regard to data retrieval. With cloud storage, you are sure of your data's safety. Your application will auto sync in case of updates ensuring that it is always up to date. Last but not least, your application will run without any glitches since it is a cloud server based and not PC based. As such, it does not require a large RAM on your computer for it to work.

  • The Best Cyber-Security Network Security Appliances of 2019

    Firewall protection is an essential setup for any business that uses the internet. It is critical for the protection of your enterprise application, data, and communication. With the increased rate of computer hacking, you risk data corruption, online fraud, and software breach. If you do not take extra measures to protect your online operations, network security appliances act as gatekeepers hired to protect your virtual data kingdom.

  • The Most Reputable Cloud Web Hosting Services of 2019

    Finding the most reliable web hosting may take up lots of your time. But if you are a web developer or designer in need of the most reputable web hosting services and hot deals or you intend to sort out your online presence through a website, this five-minute read has all you need. Let us explore.

  • A Brief Overview of Amazon Web Service (AWS)

    Amazon Web Services is an evolving cloud-based platform that provides a mixture of services ranging from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS). The resulting platform is a scalable cloud application that has infrastructure provisioning like networking, storage, computation, and management.

  • 3 Principles on How to Develop Secure Network Architecture

    Anything connected to the internet is at risk of being accessed by evil entities; thus, every network architect has the responsibility of ensuring their data gets to the intended party. This article gives guidelines on how to develop a modern secure network architecture design.

  • Top IBM Power Systems myths: “Power Systems are too expensive compared to x86”

  • IBM i 7.4 Released - What Has Been Improved?

    Finally IBM I 7.4 has been released, check out what is new in our review of updates/enhancements.

  • Comparing AWS vs. Azure vs. Google: Cloud

    In this article we will briefly compare the best clouds that are currently available on the market in 2019: google cloud, microsoft azure, amazon aws

  • Cyber Threats Shattered with Best 2019 Security Software.

    We are reviewing the best security software to fight cyber threats in 2019: Cisco, Symantec, Veeam, Awake AttackIQ

  • 24 Free and Easy Cloud-Based Apps for Business in 2019

    In 2019 there are dozens of companies that offer free tier apps that could work for business of any size. They are: office 365, amazon aws, google drive, slack, evernote, docusign, etc


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