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  • Bring cloud native to the enterprise on IBM Power Systems

    IBM Cloud Private (ICP) on Power enables administrators to provide top-notch availability, performance and security in an on-premises private cloud. It provides automation and secure access to mission-critical applications and data running in Linux, AIX or IBM i environments.

  • IBM Power Systems for Linux: What sets Power apart

    Linux on x86 is different from Linux on Power because applications running on the IBM Power/Linux platform are usually faster, more reliable, more scalable, more secure and require fewer cores and physical systems. The underlying system architecture is the reason why.

  • Data Centers in a Post-Pandemic World

    The novel coronavirus has put the US and the world to the test. Data centers have demonstrated that they put “essential” in essential services. So, what's next?

  • Beware scams exploiting coronavirus fears

    From malware-laden emails to fake donations, these are some of the most common cons you should watch out for amid the public health crisis

  • Announcing IBM i 7.4 TR2 and 7.3 TR8

    Steve Will previews the contents of the latest IBM i Technology Refresh.

  • Business Continuity for Remote Workforces - May 6, 2020 - A Genisys Group and Unitrends Webinar

  • Top 10 reasons to run VMware workloads on IBM Cloud

    VMware Solutions on IBM Cloud provides an extension of the customers on-premises VMware workloads in a flexible and saleable cloud model.

  • Cancer Computer uses decommissioned servers to fight cancer and coronavirus

    Large companies regularly update their servers to get more computing power and reduce maintenance costs. The old hardware is usually sent for recycling or is just thrown away but there are exceptions to these scenarios. For example, the Canadian non-profit Cancer Computer suggests using such equipment for medical research.

  • 330 Pflops to fight coronavirus: IBM and DoE create an HPC consortium

    IBM announced on Sunday that it is partnering up with the US Department of Energy (DoE) to build a COVID-19 High-Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium that will use high-performance computing to control the coronavirus infection. The consortium will bring together the computing capabilities of some of the world’s most powerful and advanced computers to help scientists around the globe to research and develop treatment methods and prospective drugs.

  • Quickly Enable Work From Home and Remote Desktop Access

    As organizations seek to provide safety for their workers while maintaining the safety of their data, they will face increased security risks delivering mission-critical applications to remote employees while keeping them efficient and the business running. Getting this done quickly is easier than you might think.


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