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  • Cisco introduces SecureX SAAS solution for controlling complex security environments

    Last week Cisco introduced the SecureX cloud-based security platform. It helps to protect customers’ disparate network resources by identifying and eliminating threats to Cisco and third-party products through a single interface.

  • Improper cloud configuration caused $5 trillion in losses in 2018-2019

    The loss from misconfiguration of cloud platforms for businesses worldwide has been around $5 trillion over the past two years, said DivvyCloud, a provider of security and regulatory compliance products for cloud and container environments.

  • Microsoft and Oracle are enhancing their cloud collaboration

    During the Oracle OpenWorld 2020 event, which is currently taking place in London, the company has made several important announcements. In particular, it announced the expansion of the partnership between Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure - the capacities of both companies in Amsterdam are now connected through a direct fiber channel, which will allow customers to use Oracle DBMS for applications in Azure while storing and processing data in the same jurisdiction.

  • A quick overview of the new HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus

    HPE MicroServer servers are popular among both small businesses and ordinary users, because being as easy to use as the company’s solutions for large businesses, they are relatively inexpensive and compact at the same time. This year HPE is introducing a new MicroServer Gen10 Plus.

  • Analysts think that Microsoft will be able to take a significant share of the cloud market from Amazon in 2020.

    Microsoft's cloud business expects significant growth in 2020, although the company has every chance of taking a significant market share from Amazon Web Services. These forecasts were made by analysts in a forecast published by Business Insider.

  • Microsoft will not support Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 after January 14, 2020

    After January 14, 2020, patches and security updates will no longer be issued for the above mentioned operating systems, which can significantly increase the risks associated with the protection and reliability of corporate IT infrastructures. Microsoft will also cut non-security updates, free support options, and online technical content updates. To ensure stable and uninterrupted functioning of server platforms, the company recommends its customers to update the OS to the latest versions.

  • Insight Partners Acquires Veeam For $5 Bn. 

    Insight Partners, a private investment company from the United States, will become the new owner of Veeam Software, a business specializing in the development of software solutions for data management automation, including data recovery, backup, and security. The deal will cost about $5 billion.

  • VMware just closed $2.7B Pivotal acquisition

    On December 30, VMware, a major innovator in enterprise software, announced the closure of acquisition of Pivotal Software, a leading cloud-native platform provider, for $ 2.7 Billion. It was originally announced in August 2019. Pivotal will become a part of the modern application platform, managed by VMware Executive Vice President Ray O'Farrell.

  • Network World shares key trends to define data centers in 2020

    As the year is wrapping up, press gets busy with making forecasts for the coming year. Network World, for example, has published its vision for what awaits data centers in the near future. Let’s take a peek into some of the expected trends.

  •  Lenovo introduces its ThinkSystem SE350 HPC solution at SC19 

    Lenovo's approach to HPC solutions is different from the widely used one and is grounded on unification and scalability. Unification means reducing the number of chassis and nodes in order to increase compatibility, as well as exclusively using standard 19” racks. Unlike, for example, Cray’s or Atos’s solutions that use proprietary nodes and racks, Lenovo servers allow to update the fleet of machines without having to change the existing data center infrastructure. 


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