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  • Cancer Computer uses decommissioned servers to fight cancer and coronavirus

    Large companies regularly update their servers to get more computing power and reduce maintenance costs. The old hardware is usually sent for recycling or is just thrown away but there are exceptions to these scenarios. For example, the Canadian non-profit Cancer Computer suggests using such equipment for medical research.

  • 330 Pflops to fight coronavirus: IBM and DoE create an HPC consortium

    IBM announced on Sunday that it is partnering up with the US Department of Energy (DoE) to build a COVID-19 High-Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium that will use high-performance computing to control the coronavirus infection. The consortium will bring together the computing capabilities of some of the world’s most powerful and advanced computers to help scientists around the globe to research and develop treatment methods and prospective drugs.

  • Quickly Enable Work From Home and Remote Desktop Access

    As organizations seek to provide safety for their workers while maintaining the safety of their data, they will face increased security risks delivering mission-critical applications to remote employees while keeping them efficient and the business running. Getting this done quickly is easier than you might think.

  • Cloud data leaks exacerbated by a lack of security automation  

    This week, FireMon released the 2020 State of Hybrid Cloud Security Report, which describes the security situation in the cloud computing industry. While enterprises are increasingly moving to the cloud, their security teams are getting smaller in size. And although the complexity of tasks is steadily growing, the budgets allocated for security remain unchanged. That creates a serious obstacle for preventing data leaks.

  • The most powerful supercomputer in the world is fighting against coronavirus

    A few days ago, the Internet buzzed that each user can join the fight against a new coronavirus by simply giving away the unused capacity of their PCs to study protein compounds. Promptly after that, Oak Ridge Laboratory (ORNL) decided to take desperate measures and use the world's most powerful supercomputer, Summit, to identify low-molecular-weight drug compounds that may be useful for further research in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus responsible for the outbreak of COVID-19 virus.

  • Cisco introduces SecureX SAAS solution for controlling complex security environments

    Last week Cisco introduced the SecureX cloud-based security platform. It helps to protect customers’ disparate network resources by identifying and eliminating threats to Cisco and third-party products through a single interface.

  • Improper cloud configuration caused $5 trillion in losses in 2018-2019

    The loss from misconfiguration of cloud platforms for businesses worldwide has been around $5 trillion over the past two years, said DivvyCloud, a provider of security and regulatory compliance products for cloud and container environments.

  • Microsoft and Oracle are enhancing their cloud collaboration

    During the Oracle OpenWorld 2020 event, which is currently taking place in London, the company has made several important announcements. In particular, it announced the expansion of the partnership between Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure - the capacities of both companies in Amsterdam are now connected through a direct fiber channel, which will allow customers to use Oracle DBMS for applications in Azure while storing and processing data in the same jurisdiction.

  • A quick overview of the new HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus

    HPE MicroServer servers are popular among both small businesses and ordinary users, because being as easy to use as the company’s solutions for large businesses, they are relatively inexpensive and compact at the same time. This year HPE is introducing a new MicroServer Gen10 Plus.

  • Analysts think that Microsoft will be able to take a significant share of the cloud market from Amazon in 2020.

    Microsoft's cloud business expects significant growth in 2020, although the company has every chance of taking a significant market share from Amazon Web Services. These forecasts were made by analysts in a forecast published by Business Insider.


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