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  • Are you on top of your data protection?

    Are you on top of your data protection? See how IBM provides guidance for modern data protection.

  • Your Disaster Recovery Plan Is Probably Out of Date

    Disaster recovery plans can quickly become outdated, so many organizations need to modernize their approaches now and add more automation. And frequent testing is more important than ever, given the constant changes businesses are undergoing.

  • Four ways to get ready for Power Systems Virtual Servers in IBM Cloud

    Are you investigating running your AIX or IBM i workloads in the cloud, but don’t know where to start? IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers in IBM Cloud provide significant value as an addition to your on-premises IBM Power Systems environment.

  • Microsoft Claims a First in Hydrogen-Fueled Data Center Test

    Microsoft's test showed that it's possible to power a row of server racks with fuel cell technology.

  • Data protection for the modern world

    The need for effective modern data protection and cyber resilience has never been greater. IBM Storage is announcing several new enhancements to its modern data protection portfolio.

  • Everything should go cloud now, right?

    We are now at the stage where the majority of easy workloads have been shifted, representing an estimated 20 percent of compute moved across. We now enter the next phase. This is where the harder workloads will be migrated, those that will likely bring the most advantage to the business and the customer in moving to the cloud.

  • How Business Email Compromise attacks pose a threat to organizations

    Business Email Compromise campaigns represent a relatively small percentage of all email attacks yet pose the greatest financial risk. Here's more info, along with some tips to protect against BEC attacks.

  • Microsoft Teams is now your hub for apps and work – especially remote work

    The dramatic increase in Teams usage as more people switch to working remotely isn't just about having video conferences instead of phone calls. As with alternatives like Slack and enterprise social networks like Yammer, Teams is as much a place to get work done as a place to talk about work.

  • Bring cloud native to the enterprise on IBM Power Systems

    IBM Cloud Private (ICP) on Power enables administrators to provide top-notch availability, performance and security in an on-premises private cloud. It provides automation and secure access to mission-critical applications and data running in Linux, AIX or IBM i environments.

  • IBM Power Systems for Linux: What sets Power apart

    Linux on x86 is different from Linux on Power because applications running on the IBM Power/Linux platform are usually faster, more reliable, more scalable, more secure and require fewer cores and physical systems. The underlying system architecture is the reason why.


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