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Cisco introduces SecureX SAAS solution for controlling complex security environments

cisco securex saas solution 

Last week Cisco introduced the SecureX cloud-based security platform. It helps to protect customers’ disparate network resources by identifying and eliminating threats to Cisco and third-party products through a single interface.

“The platform provides transparency and automates workflows in all parts of the customers’ security infrastructure, and it works with both Cisco and third-party products,” said Gee Rittenhouse, Senior Vice President at Cisco Security Business Group.

According to Rittenhouse, the platform can analyze data from more than 150 million endpoints, network traffic from switches and routers - including encrypted traffic -, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google clouds, as well as private data center environments. In addition, it uses browser plug-ins and open APIs so that clients and partners can connect other data sources and security products with SecureX.

SecureX is designed for customers with multiple products in complex security environments that do not necessarily interact with each other. When logging into their SecureX single account, customers can see a list of their own products, as well as other packages that they could integrate. The service also offers a news feed that includes the latest updates on incidents from Cisco Talos, threat investigations, and more.

SecureX is another step taken by Cisco to use cloud services to solve enterprise security issues. The service will be available starting in June. Initially, it will include all Cisco Security and Cisco Talos products for threat detection. In the future, the company plans to expand the list of its capabilities.

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