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The Best Cyber-Security Network Security Appliances of 2019.

Best Cyber-Security Network Security Appliances of 2019

Firewall protection is an essential setup for any business that uses the internet. It is critical for the protection of your enterprise application, data, and communication. With the increased rate of computer hacking, you risk data corruption, online fraud, and software breach. If you do not take extra measures to protect your online operations, network security appliances act as gatekeepers hired to protect your virtual data kingdom.

Most Trustworthy Network Security Brands of 2019

1. Cisco

An all-time favorite when it comes to network security, Cisco has time and time again proven to be a reliable cyber-security expert. The company won the consumer choice award in 2018. Cisco network security devices such as firewalls ensure effective access to the network by targeting a variety of threats and stopping them from entering and spreading to a network.

2. Fortinet

With its constant threat intelligence updates, Fortinet aims to deliver on the firewall protection forefront. The company has an extensive collection of appliances in many sizes to suit consumer needs. The Fortinet FortiGate firewall offers three different levels of protection, from entry-level unified threat management (UTM), through the mid-level for enterprise networks to high-end, high-performance for large service providers and data centers.

3. SonicWALL

The appliance has zero-day vulnerabilities, and it does not require an in-house IT team to manage it after the initial setup. SonicWALL promises to prevent the unauthorized takeover of your virtual data system. SonicWALL firewalls provide absolute protection to the network by ensuring full decryption and inspection of TLS/SSL and SSH encrypted connections regardless of the protocols defined.

4. Checkpoint

By offering next-generation network security solutions, Checkpoint has found a groundbreaking method for protecting mobile applications and devices, a field that was before not highly prioritized. Checkpoint architecture provides the highest level of threats prevention against both known and unknown attacks hence keeps the users protected always.

5. Palo Alto Networks

This network security provider uses a scanning mechanism to continuously check if there are any incoming threats to your system. Palo Alto Networks uses global intelligence and automation stimulated by analytics to get and prevent attacks immediately.


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