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  • Cyber Threats Shattered with Best 2020 Security Software.

    We are reviewing the best security software to fight cyber threats in 2019: Cisco, Symantec, Veeam, Awake AttackIQ

  • 24 Free and Easy Cloud-Based Apps for Business in 2020

    In 2019 there are dozens of companies that offer free tier apps that could work for business of any size. They are: office 365, amazon aws, google drive, slack, evernote, docusign, etc

  • Public Clouds Burst with VPC Benefits

    When private cloud computing takes places within a provider's public cloud infrastructure, the result is a virtual private cloud. By isolating a specific segment of their public cloud, providers can offer individual, on-demand access to clients. Companies who subscribe to VPC realize benefits from maintaining control without having to share resources with other clients. 

  • Multiple Servers Maximum Scalability: Best Cloud Hosting for 2020

    One of the most compelling features of cloud hosting is flexibility. Now, instead of being tethered to a single server, you can benefit from the multiple resources included in cloud hosting. The flexibility offered by a virtual server generates an atmosphere of affordable control, making it ideal for website owners who want to pay for what they use. 

  • Companies Offering the Best Free Cloud Hosting and Why

    Ads for free cloud hosting are bound to capture your attention when considering the costs involved in setting up your site. You'll save on set-up as well as maintenance, so choosing the optimal provider is vital. Wisdom is critical when researching your options; free hosting typically means the user is responsible for obligations usually included with a paid subscription. Also, free doesn't guarantee your site is secure. 

  • What is the Enterprise Cloud Computing? Your FAQs Answered.

    Cloud Computing is a rapidly developing technology that seemingly changes by the day. As the technology develops and becomes a safer way to store vast amounts of data and information, many more companies are turning to it to keep their business information safe and secure without having to store everything on premises, which has become quite expensive to do.

  • Understanding Everything About Cloud Hosting Security

    Cloud Hosting is just as safe as any other methods of protecting the information in your cloud but has gotten a bad image because of other virtualized technologies in the past. Many businesses today cannot even entertain the idea of parting with their in-house ways of storing their information. However, as you accumulate more and more data, this often becomes a bigger problem as you run out of space to store all the information on physical hard drives.

  • Cloud Computing: Data Privacy & the Cloud

    Most laws that have gotten put into place as of today are there to protect the private and personal information of citizens that reside within that country. These laws regulate the ability of companies to "process" the data of individual people and citizens within that country. Many countries are also working together with other countries who share data clouds and other remote ways to store material to protect the information of their citizens that may be controlled by other countries, which means that many of these laws now pertain to two (or many) countrie

  • 5 Affordable Brand Name Servers for Small Business in 2020

    It is crucial when managing your small to a medium-size operation that you are confident your server is the best one you can afford. Smaller businesses that are not ready for cloud-based servers are prime candidates for quality, on-site servers which can provide the necessary server features while allowing you complete control over your virtual networking environment.

  • 3 Top Cloud Services for 2020

    As we head into 2020, more companies than ever are offering cloud services to their users. However, as with anything, some cloud experiences are turning out for users better than others. Some also have more affordable pricing than others. Generally, services will range from free (if you need relatively little storage space) up to about $39.99/month for a plan with much more storage space. These prices and costs vary depending on the cloud service you choose and the business features that you want to have included in the cloud


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