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What is the Enterprise Cloud Computing? Your FAQs Answered.

Cloud Computing is a rapidly developing technology that seemingly changes by the day. As the technology develops and becomes a safer way to store vast amounts of data and information, many more companies are turning to it to keep their business information safe and secure without having to store everything on premises, which has become quite expensive to do.

The following are some FAQs that many people have about enterprise cloud computing and what exactly it entails and what it can do for them:

Q: What is Cloud Computing?

A: In it's the simplest definition "cloud computing" is a computer model that entails the practice of using a network of virtual storage devices rather than individual, local servers to make the storing of vast amounts of information. This storing technique makes storing data much easier for companies that it would otherwise (traditionally) be if the company was to store the same amount of information on local, individual servers on their company's premises. Most companies using cloud computing only use 10-15% of the storage available to them through their subscription plan.

Q: What is enterprise Cloud Computing:

A: Enterprise Cloud Computing is computing for enterprises that have provided a breakthrough as far as being a highly-efficient way store information a cost that is much lower to the company without sacrificing the safety and the integrity of the information getting stored. The model above of storage for data is rapidly becoming more popular and affordable to many companies, especially small businesses who want to store massive amounts of data without having to give up control or direct access to the information virtually any time that it's needed.

Companies are finding that they save a lot of money by using enterprise cloud computing and that they can up their revenues and down their costs of storing information, which proves to be attractive to most companies and startups today.

Q: Is Cloud Computing New?

A: Cloud Computing is not necessarily a new technology or methodology. However, it is a rather new form of information technology that allows clients to store their vast amounts of information at relatively low-costs based on subscription models that the company chooses to utilize. Companies select these subscriptions based on the amount of storage space they need and can purchase additional space as time wears on if they find that they need it. 

Q: What Drives Enterprise Cloud Computing?

A: The driving forces behind enterprise computing include: The ability for companies to store vast amounts of data for a much lower cost. The ability for companies to access their data readily/as needed without having to store all information on their premises. Provides the companies who are seeking a secure way to store information while remaining connected to the rest of the virtual world.

Q: What are the basic economics of cloud computing?

A: The basic economics of cloud computing helps scale demands for in-demand resources in much the same way that gas and electricity get delivered to customers who need it most. These devices give companies a new way to store vast amounts of information, cut out the amount of on-site IT staff members that a business needs, help save companies money, and still provides a secure way for them to store their information.


Given the vast amount of information that can get stored via enterprise cloud computing, it's no shock that's increasing in the business world. Companies can store vast amounts of information for a much lower cost while vastly upping their revenue, saving money, and still ensuring that their information is safe and secure. Enterprise cloud computing technology is likely to continue to generate as more companies utilize this resource well into the future.


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