3 Principles on How to Develop Secure Network Architecture.

how to develop secure network architecture

A decade ago, most frameworks were considered safe. Currently, the sophisticated mechanisms of hackers have become a significant threat to modern network architecture. It is vital to ensure that the security of network architecture is your top priority.

Anything connected to the internet is at risk of being accessed by evil entities; thus, every network architect has the responsibility of ensuring their data gets to the intended party.

This article gives guidelines on how to develop a modern secure network architecture design following 3 main principles.

1. State of the art cryptographic techniques

You need to use encryption and various cryptographic models to ensure your network systems are secure.

Network engineers are supposed to use standardized encryption designs and ensure that all distributed certificates and keys are updated periodically.

For instance, you can use EVault if you are in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare, banks, education, among others to back up your data online, data recovery, and cloud storage services.

2. Run vulnerability tests

Don't just look at a network and assume it's secure! Ensure that you run many vulnerability tests as possible on your system before making it live.

If the number of vulnerabilities is less, then you have higher chances of developing a safer network architecture.

3. Use a model with least privileges

You should try as much to use a model with minimal accessibility privilege, and this means anyone you grant permission to carry out some tasks will interact with your resources at very minimal opportunities.

The integrity and security of communications over a particular network can be guaranteed only by using standardized network designs.

These designs have to be followed by an engineer while installing network infrastructure.

Keep safe! You need to follow the above-highlighted principles among others to ensure secure network architecture with the rising online hackers.





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