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Information technology (IT) is growing more complex every year. In fact, two out of three IT decision-makers surveyed say that their IT environment is more complex now than it was two years ago. Adding to traditional challenges such as greatly increasing data volumes and the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, new drivers of IT complexity include ongoing digital transformation, a modern and always-on mobile workforce and expanding hybrid cloud architecture.

IT complexity is costly. Operational expenses rise, general data risks increase and maintenance occurs more often. Even vulnerability to cyber threats increases with added complexity. So the question becomes, how can we reduce IT complexity and bring down costs?

Last year IBM introduced the new IBM FlashSystem® family. This is a single platform for all non-mainframe environments designed to simplify your storage infrastructure while delivering extensive enterprise-class storage innovation, including seamless hybrid cloud and container integration. The ongoing challenges, costs and risks imposed by IT complexity underscore the importance of today’s IBM Storage announcements. New IBM offerings, technologies and programs buck the complexity trend. With these new offerings, your storage solutions can potentially become more compact, less costly than the IBM FlashSystem 5100, and yes — much simpler.

The new IBM FlashSystem 5200 offers a perfect example of storage made simple for all.

image of FlashSystem 5200 from IBM Storage

IBM FlashSystem 5200 is designed to accelerate a wide range of enterprise deployments for bare metal, virtualized, hybrid cloud or containerized configurations. It’s the most compact storage system we’ve ever made. FlashSystem 5200 is designed with enterprise-class capabilities, including end-to-end NVMe support, IBM FlashCore® technology, storage-class memory and an extensive set of data services in our award-winning IBM Spectrum® Virtualize software-defined storage.

“With its new FlashSystem 5200, IBM has made a tremendous leap forward, packing impressive levels of performance and capacity into a 1U package. While capable enough for the data center, the form factor of the 5200 can offer transformational value for smaller organizations and edge locations.”

 – Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst, ESG

This new system is designed to provide the performance, cost efficiency and functionality for almost any workload in a compact unit that is ideal for any deployment. It combines latency of less than 70 microseconds for optimal application performance and as much as 1.7 PB of data in only 1 rack unit with data reduction options for reduced OPEX and CAPEX. It includes IBM HyperSwap® high-availability technology and 3-site replication for enhanced business continuity. Say goodbye to your traditional hybrid storage systems and modernize your infrastructure.

“Our clients want simplicity,” states David Ficacci, Director of Technology at Micro Strategies. “Too many so-called solutions these days are really just collections of new headaches for our clients. IBM FlashSystem 5200 is different. It can consolidate the entire storage environment whether it’s edge or core data center to simplify management. Then it can start small and grow with the business. Nothing extra to order. One solution the size of a pizza box can handle our business needs, including seamless connectivity to hybrid cloud. This is the simplicity and versatility our clients want.”

IBM Storage has focused on more than inventing a new storage platform. Other IBM FlashSystem family members have also seen important enhancements. For example:

Graphical user interface, application, Teams

“The University of Miami has deployed IBM storage through many product generations, including FlashSystem,” says Joel Zysman, Director of Advanced Computing Systems, UM Institute for Data Science and Computing. “One of the best things about this IBM storage platform is how well it evolves to meet our ever-changing business and technology demands. I can see that the new 5200 model can continue this trend. It is designed to be more cost-efficient, flexible, functional with simplified support options. We look forward to getting the newest generation into our hybrid cloud environment.”

Today, IBM also announces support of FlashSystem, SAN Volume Controller (SVC), Spectrum Virtualize, IBM Elastic Storage® System (ESS) and IBM Spectrum Scale for IBM Cloud Satellite®, currently in beta. This enables you to “bring your own infrastructure” to hybrid cloud environments. IBM Cloud Satellite is being designed to help enable you to launch consistent cloud services anywhere — across any cloud, on premises, and at the edge with speed and simplicity, delivered as a service from a single pane of glass, managed through the public cloud. The result can potentially include increased efficiency and simplicity. When deploying IBM Cloud Satellite on premises, IBM FlashSystem can be the ideal storage solution.

Today’s announcements span a broad range of solutions for your container, hybrid cloud and virtualized environments. But the message is simpler — literally. Through ongoing innovation and engineering commitment, IBM continues to reduce IT complexity and make storage simple for organizations of all sizes.

In addition, IBM Storage will donate up to $1M to COVID-19 relief. Proceeds will come from FlashSystem 5000 and 5200 sales. You are encouraged to use #IBMFlash4Good on social media to help promote our cause.

Republished from IBM IT Infrastructure
By Eric Herzog
February 9, 2021


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