What Is a Software-Defined Data Center?

software defined data center

A software-defined data center is what is also known today as virtualization. Virtualization is the first step to creating a software-defined data center. Virtualization is a standard technology that was introduced over a decade ago by the VMware.  Virtualization is what is used by most businesses throughout the world today.

Visualization has rewritten the entire equation by allowing servers to run the same amounts of data through their systems while only using about 15% of the capacity that they would have needed using more traditional methods. Both the unit's CPU and the memory are kept separate from the physical hardware, and that allows a separate pool of resources to be both created and used wherever they might be needed.

Each virtualized application has its information stored in a separate area that can get thought of like its own little "software container" where information gets stored. Each of these little containers is called a virtual machine (VM). These VMs can get run at the same time on the same server, but putting each virtualization into a separate, small machine allows more of the hardware of the computer to get put towards allowing the machine to run at its optimal level.

Offers Improved Security:

VMware NSX allows you to build security into your software-led approach, which ensures that there aren't any security gaps in your networks. This specific approach keeps your information safer than using other hardware-based  approaches that add security applications on afterward, which leads to gaps in the network. By using VMware NSX solutions, your company will get more out of both your existing hardware and  the applications that you run on that hardware.

Using VMware NSX allows your company to build a quality foundation for both the business you have at this moment as well as the business that you will continue to grow well into the future. VMware NSX also allows you to build a strong networking base and platform for your company in the years moving forward. Using VMware NSX will also make your top initiatives into the IT world more feasible in the future.

Provides You with Software-Defined Storage (SDS):

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is a method of storing information that will bring companies a variety of benefits including creating a process that simplifies the storing process, makes the process of storing information more efficient, and provides a cost-savings that server visualizations can compute. These benefits are brought to the user through ever-evolving storage architectures through the server visualization.

VMware NSX software allows users to enjoy these benefits by providing the user with per-application storage devices which allow the user to adjust devices that store information in a manner that is the most convenient for them.  IT personnel can match the application demands and supply at the exact time that they are  needed to ensure that the best matches possible get made. Users can enjoy heterogeneous storage support, providing low-cost and scalable storage solutions  that meets all of their needs.

Provides You with a Unified Data Management Center:

Using visualized data allows you to use the automation of an intelligent, policy-based data center which makes the entire process of governing and  managing your business's memory files and data a much more simplified process. Anyone within the business who is authorized to access the data center (i.e., administrators, developers, managers, IT personnel, etc.) can select only services that comply with your business and your policies. The selections you make will get automated by a highly specialized and automated delivery service that exists within the data center.

These same data centers allow your cloud operations to run according to the administrator's settings by  allowing you to have control over various aspects of the data center including its performance, capacity, and configuration. Predictive analytics and smart alerts help you identify what you need to fix and what the "optimal" settings your business and your specific needs include.

Provides You with Delivery Via Private Cloud or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

VMware software-defined architecture can be  deployed on your data center as a private cloud, or you can use secure off-site technology such as IaaS. Most businesses will choose to use a combination of both a private cloud and IaaS software that meets the  company's individual needs.


In the end, a software-defined storage center is created through virtualization and allows your company managers, executives, IT personnel, and other authorized individualized to manage all of the company's technological needs from one central location. Your company can set the settings in a way that meets the specific needs of your company, along with allowing the highly-automated technology of VMware software to ensure that optimal settings are used at all times to protect and store your company's secure information.


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