Understanding the Difference Between the Cloud & Data Centers.

The cloud and data centers are two different entities that both have one thing in common: they are used to store massive amounts of business information and the files that the business uses. There are some differences between clouds and data centers that companies need to understand when deciding which storage method works best for their company.

In this post, we will be breaking down the differences between clouds and data centers to help you determine which storage solution best fits your company's needs.

Cloud Storage Information:

The cloud is essentially a remote version of a data storage center. Clouds get located away from your company's physical premises, and most get stored in cyberspace. Clouds are ideal for companies with a lot of data which need virtually unlimited storage space. Various vendors and servers offer different cloud plans that can be purchased to give you more storage space. Depending on the packages offered, the amount of space you can get is virtually endless given your subscription and how much you are willing to pay for the additional space that you are getting.

When you are getting a cloud storage system for your information, you will be trusting your company's information to a third party site. Choosing a reputable company helps you avoid potential security issues that you might have with a company that would misuse your company's information for other purposes. Most cloud storage centers from large, reputable companies are very safe and are a great investment for those who need virtually unlimited storage space.

Most cloud services are far more affordable if you need a large amount of space to store data as well. Cloud centers generally are just a subscription for which you pay a (low) monthly fee, and you get access to however much data you have subscribed to have access. Data needs change for your company over time, and all you will have to do is get a bigger cloud storage allotment to keep your files safe, so your storage system can grow as your company does.


Data Center Information:

When you have an actual data center, you are working with a finite amount of storage space. If you want more storage space, you will have to purchase additional hardware to add storage to your existing data center. Data centers will take up space on the premises of your property, and you will need to allocate.

If you have data centers on premises at multiple locations, you will need to ensure that you have proper security measures in place for each location or center that you have data centers present. When you have a data storage center on premises at your company, it means that you are essentially responsible for your security to ensure that your company's data and information remains protected and safe.

Another thing to consider with data centers is the cost to operate them. A large data center can cost a company between $10 and $25 million per year to keep it operational. The high cost to operate the data center can make the cloud a much more cost-effective option for many companies looking to cut costs and save money.


The data center can be quite an expensive way to store information in the age of the cloud where everything can get stored online. However, with a cloud, you are trusting a third-party entity with your company's information. There isn't one single right or wrong way to go when it comes to deciding how you will store your data, but it has more to do with what option works best for your company.


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