Top Cloud Storage Options of 2020.

Top Cloud Storage Options of 2019

Over the past decade, businesses and consumers alike have become increasingly more drawn to and reliant on remote, cloud-based storage and processing instead of local, on-premise storage. In this list, we have compiled our top four cloud storage providers for 2020 that will help keep your costs low, your productivity high, and your data secure.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is the go-to cloud storage solution for a number of Windows users as it is conveniently integrated with Windows 10 File Explorer as well as Office 365. From its sleek and attractive interface to its extensive platform support and wide variety of online office apps, OneDrive ranks high on our list with 5GB of free storage followed up by 100G for $3 a month, 1TB for $7 a month, and lastly, $10 a month for Unlimited.


pCloud is the ideal cloud storage solution for users seeking to upload and store large media files alongside an easy to operate, intuitive interface. One of the very few cloud services to offer a lifetime subscription option, pCloud ranks high with a one-time $175 payment for 500GB storage, $350 for 2TB, or yearly payments of $47.88 and $95.88 respectively for the same storage. What it lacks in collaboration tools, this cloud storage provider makes up with affordability and security should you decide to pay a premium of $4.99 a month for pCloud Crypto.


Tresorit is one of the most powerful, efficient, and secure cloud storage solutions due to a number of factors including but not limited to zero-knowledge encryption, secure file sharing, and two-factor authentication. However, what it makes up for two-fold in security and prowess, it lacks in affordability and collaboration. The cloud storage provider will provide you with 3GB of limited free storage before charging you a minimum of $10.42 a month for their 200GB storage premium plan.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most well-known cloud storage solutions out there with over a billion users as of 2018. Renowned for its exceptional collaboration services and extensive selection of third-party apps, it also excels in cost flexibility and customer support. While the security of Google Drive isn't up to par with other competitors, their service starts at a relatively decent pricing of $1.67 a month with a starter tier of 15GB of free storage.

The bottom line is there is a number of factors to consider when choosing the ideal cloud storage provider including security, storage capacity, speed, and affordability and we hope these top selections may help you to understand which provider can best fit your needs.


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