Top 5 Common Network Security Problems and Solutions.

common network security problems and solutions

Your website could be among the greatest assets in your business, and it can similarly be a key vulnerability. All the effort you invested to generate traffic and promote your brand online could end up in flames if you do not know the different network security threats and their solutions. This three-minute read covers the five common problems and how to fix them.

1. Worms and viruses

We have all heard about these malicious programs, and we all have fears. They usually attach to a host file or system then infect core systems, destroy crucial information, and make your network inoperable. Furthermore, they can infect networked systems and create avenues for other advanced threats.

The remedy is to install anti-malware solutions on your systems or devices. Also, you should ensure that the software is up to date and implement protective strategies for your local and cloud resident information.

2. Abuse of account privileges

Information cited by the 2016s Harvard Business Review indicates that a whopping 60 percent of all attacks are from insiders. From honest mistakes to misuse of account privileges and intentional leaks, to identity theft, or any other engineering attack to compromise the security of user account data; individuals inside your premises are among your major security problems.

If you use POLP (policy of least privileged) in terms of user access, it is possible to minimize the damage in case of such an attack. You can also mitigate the risk through endpoint auditing and monitoring tools that allow context and visibility.

3. Insufficient defense in depth

Regardless of your tireless efforts, an attacker can still breach your network security. But it is the network structure that determines the extent of the damage. Organizations with open network structures are at higher risk once the attacker obtains unfettered access to a trusted system.

To avoid this, you should structure your network with strong segmentation. This separates all the discrete parts to slow down the attacker and prevent them from accessing the vital system as you address the threat.

4. Insufficient IT security management

Even with the most reliable cyber-security solutions, most organizations may still face threats since they lack enough skilled workforce to manage the resources well. As a result, you may miss crucial security alerts, and any successful attack may not be countered early enough to minimize the damage.

This avoidable threat can be dealt with by hiring enough skilled talent fast or by partnering with reliable service providers to eliminate the risk and secure your systems.

5. Ransomware

This is among the most unpredictable and feared threats, with overall business detection rising to 79% in 2018 alone. Attackers usually infect secure systems, encrypt data, and threaten to corrupt or delete the files if they are not paid some hefty ransom anonymously.

The necessary defensive strategies necessary for this threat include antivirus software, updating your security patches, and teaching staff how they can identify phishing attacks. You also need a backup and recovery strategy to reduce the impact.

With these tips, you now understand what you need to recover and secure your network systems.


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