A quick overview of new hybrid cloud solutions from VMware.

new hybrid cloud solutions from vmware 2019

In recent years, IT organizations are almost unanimously turning to hybrid cloud to ensure the optimal environment for their applications. However, “no other vendor spans the hybrid cloud as...comprehensively as VMware...We deliver an unparalleled level of consistent infrastructure and operations, from the data center to the cloud to the edge”, proudly says Raghu Raghuram, VMware’s chief operating officer.

This statement is called to support VMware’s recent release of new hybrid cloud solutions that will enable customers to build, run and manage applications in a single infrastructure, choosing among their datacenter, public cloud or edge infrastructure.

Most of these new solutions have been introduced as advancements to VMware Hybrid Cloud Operations that serve to simplify the management of systems and applications through automation, cost and resource control, regulatory compliance, security, and transparency. The improvements include:





VMware Cloud partners with all major public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud), as well as more than 60 VMware Cloud Verified partners around the world. Over 70 million applications are powered by VMware, 10 million of which are in the cloud. Applications run in tens of thousands of datacenters managed by VMware Cloud providers.

According to VMware Cloud Journey study, 2018, approximately two-thirds of cloud customers are seeking a single model that spans the data center, cloud, and edge. In response to this need, VMware promises to continue to develop their offerings on hybrid cloud solutions over time including integrations with Ecosystem partners.


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