Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing in 2020

All of us know the importance of backing up our data to a reliable source. There was a time when that source was a local server, but those days have long passed. Cloud computing has replaced local servers as the premier backup source. If you aren't already using cloud computing, you should know about the 10 benefits of cloud computing in 2020.

There's a Huge Amount of Flexibility

Today's version of cloud computing provides you and your business with the flexibility needed to create what is virtually a custom system that's perfectly adapted to your unique needs. A good cloud computing system is designed in such a way that you have multiple bandwidths, lots of different tools, and storage space options.

Cloud Computing is Great for Remote Workers

The traditional workspace is evolving. If your business is one that's getting away from having all of your employees in tiny cubicles, and embracing the concept of remote workers, you'll greatly benefit from cloud computing. Access to the cloud computing system allows remote workers to work on a project at the exact same time as on-site employees. This set-up allows everyone to gain access to updated information on each project, while also reducing the chances that a portion of the project will get lost.

Operational Problems Virtually Become a Thing of the Past

The main reason many businesses give for not switching to cloud computing is that they're worried about operational problems that could cause the business to lose everything. The reality is that cloud computing is infinitely more reliable than other methods of data storage. The sole purpose of the company that runs the cloud computing system is making sure the system is always up and running. They're masters at identifying and resolving problems before it impacts your data. It's virtually unheard of for a business to lose data that's stored to a cloud program. 

Your Resources are Always Available

Cloud services have improved a great deal over the years and have gotten to the point where any data and applications you've saved to the cloud is always available. The only time you can't access the information you've saved to your cloud computing system is when there's a problem on your end. The constant availability is why so many businesses have switched from the traditional on-premise infrastructure to cloud computing.

Your Data is Always Backed up and Fully Recoverable

Prior to switching to cloud computing, many people and businesses stored sensitive data to their computers. Most intended to back it up to another hard drive or disk, but that never seemed to happen. As a result, when the computer turned into a brick, the data was lost forever. Cloud computing changed that. As long as the data autosaves to the cloud, it's always backed up and always recoverable. 

Cloud Computing Reduces Operating Expenses

Maintaining a private traditional on-premise infrastructure is expensive. In comparison, cloud computing is considerably cheaper. Not only do you not have to worry about purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment, but you also eliminate the need for a tech support team, and no longer have to deal with complicated, expensive upgrades. Both large and small businesses find that since they only have to pay for the amount of storage they need cloud computing saves them thousands of dollars every year.

Cloud Computing is Perfectly Scaled for your Business

Whether you're in a state of growth or are in the process of reducing the size of your business, with cloud computing you'll only pay for exactly the amount of storage you need. Some plans allow you to adjust the number of gigs of storage you need from one month to the next, while others have slightly longer service periods.

Cloud Computing Makes Collaborations Easy

Work collaborations can be a nightmare, especially when the team working on the collaboration are made up of individuals who work in different departments or even different locations. Cloud computing takes the stress out of such collaborations because the data needed to complete the job is always available to each member of the team in real time. 

Cloud Computing Eliminates Worry About Natural Disasters and Other Emergencies Destroying Data

No matter how much thought you put into things, it's impossible to protect a traditional on-premise infrastructure from things like fires, earthquakes, severe straight-line winds, etc. The damage done to traditional on-premise infrastructures during emergency and disaster situations has made it impossible for some businesses to recover. Cloud computing is the best answer. Multiple remote locations and disaster backup systems ensure that no matter what happens, your data is always protected and accessible.

Cloud Computing is a Great Way for your Business to go Green

When you make the change from a traditional on-premise infrastructure to cloud computing, you reduce the amount of energy your business uses every day, in addition to significantly lowering your monthly utility bills, it also reduces your business's carbon footprint.


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