The Private Cloud and How it Benefits Your Company

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Cloud storage is a method for people and businesses to securely store data online, making it accessible any time of day from any location. Data stored in the cloud is effortlessly shared with anyone who is granted permission. Companies also use cloud storage because it makes data recovery easier due to the clouds back up properties. Today, with access to a private cloud, there is an ongoing debate as to which is better, private or public cloud.

Companies are always seeking to improve security and performance. By choosing private cloud storage, they can resolve the possibilities of both while still enjoying numerous benefits such as:

The operation of the private cloud is best described as an internal cloud computing platform that exists within a corporation's firewall. It is specifically designed to benefit companies the same way the public cloud system does…to a point. The advantage of a private cloud is that it removes numerous objections to the cloud's computing model which includes controlling customer data, security issues, and issues related to regulatory compliance.

Companies with private cloud storage empower the infrastructure of their IT departments to quickly adapt to the continually changing needs and requirements of their businesses. A company can opt for private cloud storage or, connect to public clouds to create hybrid clouds. Companies with hybrid cloud storage are able to combine and benefit from rapid deployment, monetary savings, scalability, and reliability by using both public and private cloud storage due to the security and total control that comes with private cloud storage.

Important Differences Between the Private and Public Cloud

Private cloud storage stays within the corporate firewall which puts it under the supervision of the company's IT department. Because of this, a private cloud is able to provide additional control over the company's data while ensuring security. This is a great benefit to companies with expensive data centers as they can keep their current infrastructure. If there is a negative side to the private cloud, it is that the entire management, updating, and maintenance are the sole responsibility of the company. The benefits of choosing the private cloud also include better security without having to share resources with outside organizations.   

Benefits of Private Cloud Security

Implementing a private cloud system helps to avoid many of the arguments related to cloud computing security. When private cloud setups are applied safely within the corporation's firewall it translates to more control over the company's data, without threats to security. According to a recent IDC (International Data Corporation) study, "Private cloud spending increased 28.2 percent year over year. Off-premises a private cloud, in particular, is seeing strong growth."


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