Companies Offering the Best Free Cloud Hosting and Why.

best free cloud hosting in 2019

Ads for free cloud hosting are bound to capture your attention when considering the costs involved in setting up your site. You'll save on set-up as well as maintenance, so choosing the optimal provider is vital. Wisdom is critical when researching your options; free hosting typically means the user is responsible for obligations usually included with a paid subscription. Also, free doesn't guarantee your site is secure. 

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the most influential hosting service because it is the largest of its kind. New customers benefit as they are instantly eligible for the company's "free tier," which provides users with one year of free, hands-on expertise. Subscribers have unlimited access to the following services and products; however, note usage limitations where applied:

Free-Trial Details:

Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform helps site developers test, construct, and enable their applications via an infrastructure that is both scalable and reliable. Clients may choose services, including computing and storage. There are also backend and mobile services solutions available. Note: some product limitations apply.

Google App Engine includes 28 instance hours of usage daily. Features a platform for implementing web applications with scalability and mobile backends.

Google Cloud Firestore provides 1 GB of storage and a Scalable NoSQL document database.

Google Compute Engine includes one f1-micro instance per month and is a high-performance machine that is virtual with scalability.

Google Cloud Functions connects cloud services with code and includes 2 million functions each month for both HTTP and background execution in a serverless environment. 

Free-Trial Details:

Infinity Free 

The Infinity Free plan has over 300,000 customers and is still available for unlimited site hosting for more than six years. Features include:


Before signing up for free cloud hosting, remember to read the fine print. Free services do not usually include features that paid subscriptions cover. Compare monetary costs, time, and maintenance when choosing a free hosting service. According to Tech Radar, the following companies are also reliable options when researching free hosting services:




5. 000Webhost

  6. FreeWebHostingArea


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