What To Know About IBM XIV Storage System

A new age of cloud storage has brought new demands for large storage devices and the hardware to manage them. The IBM XIV has formed the backbone of many cloud-based operations since its first generation appeared. Now in its 3rd generation, the IBM XIV continues to grow with demand for the Cloud. Using the IBM XIV, enterprises can operate secure, fast, and efficient cloud-based storage operations.

What the IBM XIV Storage System Does

IBM XIV Storage System is a top-of-the-line storage system that scales to meet changing workloads in settings that host multiple tenants. The grid design of the IBM XIV ensures the availability of storage on demand. The tune-free design of the system provides the low-maintenance infrastructure demanded by modern IT, and its elasticity and agility facilitates migration to the cloud.

Compression and Storage

The highlights of the IBM include its remarkable storage density. The system can utilize 6 TB drives and IBM’s proprietary Real-time Compression system to store up to 485 TB in a single rack. IBM delivers impressive data access speeds through its Random Access Compression Engine.

IBM guarantees its compression technology will provide a storage saving of eighty percent, making the XIV platform appealing for even the most demanding cloud environments. If a client enables IBM encryption and does not achieve the promised space savings, IBM will furnish the necessary equipment to compensate.

Redundancy and Mirroring

The IBM XIV helps companies meet their service level agreements by providing tuning-free grid architecture. The system provides mirroring across three sites to improve survivability Using IBM Spectrum Acceleration, managers can implement on-premises or off-premises disaster recovery solutions in a unified environment. Lean on bandwidth, the efficiency of IBM XIV Data replication frees bandwidth for other uses.

Lower TCO

The IBM XiV storage system provides industry leading storage solutions with a total cost of ownership that beats the HP 3PAR by forty-two percent. Space conservation also helps sell the XIV, by providing up to one petabyte per rack.

Other Features

The IBM XIV supports Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, enabling Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager to work together with XIV disaster recovery and replication within Hyper-V environments.

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