Virtualization Trends for 2015

As we settle into 2015, we’re beginning to see trends for the upcoming year emerge. When it comes to virtualization developments on the rise, we predict a heavy investment in security for data centers & clouds, even more market growth for the cloud, & further development of condensed storage platforms.

First, we need to understand a couple of fundamentals.

What Is Virtualization?

Virtualization is used to eliminate unnecessary hardware, save money with hardware refreshes, conserve energy, and prepare for the onslaught of cloud computing. Virtualization consolidates applications, saves money, and protects data.

How Is Virtualization Used for Business?

Virtualization is a hot trend in IT Business Solutions for businesses of all sizes. Once only affordable for large businesses and practical as an enterprise solution, technology manufacturers have developed virtualization solutions for small to mid-size businesses as well.

For more detailed information on how Virtualization works for your business, check out this post.

Now, on to the trends:

Data Center & Cloud Security

Infonetics Research released a survey last year to see how data centers & cloud operators were addressing security concerns.

“The primary concern right now among service providers operating data centers is getting the security infrastructure to match the performance of the network infrastructure,” notes Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security at Infonetics Research. “When it comes to protecting data centers, nothing drives service providers to invest in security solutions more than the performance requirements driven by infrastructure upgrades and the increasing size and scale of attacks.”

These security concerns are being driven by large-scale attacks, as well as the wide-scale acceptance of virtualized storage by businesses around the world.

Continued Growth of the Cloud

In techopedia’s post about virtualization trends for 2015, they site cloud growth, & they give the numbers to back it up.

“Businesses of all sizes are jumping on the cloud bandwagon, and this growth will continue in 2015. CRN predicts that small businesses will have collectively spent nearly $100 billion on cloud-based services through 2015, and a study from Logicalis IT projects that by 2015, almost 80 percent of organizations will have or pursue a private cloud strategy.”

Read their virtualization predictions here.

Condensed Storage Platforms

There will be an increase in condensed storage platforms in terms of virtual storage space going into 2015 and beyond. This means traditional hardware will not be produced as much as virtual space storage options will be — for people trying to condense the amount of material they carry on their person.

We predict the virtual storage market will become more competitive. There is more of an effort among companies to accrue business, in particular business based on the amount of virtual storage space consumed. Because of this, it’s likely the marketplace will see a shift away from traditional hardware production and product marketing over the next year. This may also lead to decreased price points for consumers & businesses looking for virtual storage.

There is so much growth in technology on the horizon. We can’t wait to see what else 2015 will bring!

Virtualization Solutions for Business

With so many businesses now on board with virtualization, you may be wondering what is the best fit for your business. Give us a call & we will help you find the solution that best fits your needs & goals.

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