Spotlight on EMC

For this series, we are shining the spotlight on our new business partners. Today, we’re focusing on EMC. EMC provides information technology as a service to businesses of all sizes, in all industries.

EMC offers an entire suite of data protection product solutions that allow businesses to backup, recover, archive, remotely access and securely store data. They also provide education services to IT managers and data storage professionals to help them understand how to configure, run and troubleshoot EMC data protection products.

Cloud Computing

EMC offers data protection, big data, cloud, content management, infrastructure management, and storage solutions. In addition, they provide big data consultations for businesses to harness commercial value of their data. EMC consultants help businesses predict buying behavior and make informed business decisions that are driven by analyzed data. They also provide the hardware needed for businesses to take advantage of their big data sets.

Hybrid Cloud Systems

When it comes to the cloud, EMC also aids businesses in building hybrid cloud systems in 28 days. Hybrid clouds allow organizations to run both traditional enterprise applications and cutting edge cloud applications. The EMC built hybrid cloud provides full customizations for businesses. Businesses can choose which operating system to run and which services to connect the cloud to. With just a single, intuitive interface, IT professionals can easily manage EMC’s hybrid clouds.

Content Management

EMC’s content management products help businesses organize, access and control vital business content. Businesses can streamline management and access of digital media, understand what web content is the most relevant and profitable to customers, transfer complex documentation of projects, and archive data and content into SAP business applications.

Infrastructure Management Solutions

EMC’s infrastructure management solutions allow for data center automation, efficient IT operations management, simple configuration and compliance management, maximized storage resource management, real-time IT performance management and software-defined storage.

Top-of-the-line Storage Solutions

EMC’s storage systems are not only easy to install, manage and scale, but also one of the most secure in the industry. EMC storage solutions provide business continuity in times of emergency or outage, data replication and data archiving.

As you can tell, EMC has a variety of powerful tools for businesses of all sizes. Contact us to start using EMC to power your business data or to determine which solution is the right fit for your needs.

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