Spotlight: IBM Power Systems

In continuing our series on our business technology partners, today we shine the spotlight on IBM Power Systems.

IBM Power Systems is an open-architecture platform that provides midsize businesses with flexibility and performance. The technology under the hood is a reduced instruction set (RISC) architecture that is used in everything from consumer products to research and scientific computers.

Midsize businesses have to respond quickly to changes in customer taste, product availability and seasonal demand. IBM power systems use Intelligent Threads technology to constantly change the processor threading to provide the best performance as workloads vary. The system can also be optimized for maximum cache utilization to deliver more efficient database operations.

Thousands of businesses run Power Systems setups running Linux, AIX and IBM i.


Many flavors of Linux run on IBM Power based systems including high profile brands such as Red Hat, Ubuntu and SUSE. Linux is ideal for helping companies reduce the number of servers they need to deploy and maintain – it scales well and is very cost-competitive compared to running the platform on x86 machines.

As cloud computing continues to grow in midsize business IT departments, Linux is often the first choice. IBM Power Systems units running Linux provide firms with lower cost deployments then comparable x86-based server options.


IBM’s AIX is well-suited for IBM power system technology. AIX is an open standards version of the time-tested UNIX operating system. A recent ITIC survey showed that IBM AIX provides the highest reliability among various server OS platforms. The survey included many of the standard Linux and UNIX distributions. The tight mesh between the AIX OS and IBM Power Systems architecture provides midsize businesses with an effective blend of flexibility and functionality.


Another popular platform utilized by midsize businesses is IBM i. This easy-to-maintain system has a well-deserved reputation for cost-effectiveness and durability. Its solid performance allows companies to spend less time on technology and more time focusing on building their business and acquiring customers. The PowerHA System Mirror is a powerful clustering system that provides protection from almost any source of outage, improving uptime and 24-hour reliability. It is closely integrated with AIX, IBM i and IBM System Storage products.

Data security is a major concern for every business – news reports come out daily about hackers, crackers, and thieves breaking into company data systems. PowerSC is a reliable security and compliance product that was specifically developed for IBM Power Systems servers. Whether the servers are driving PowerVM, Linux, or AIX, PowerSC uses a variety of features including preconfigured system profiles to help improve compliance, system trust monitoring and patch policy compliance.

IBM Power Systems is well-suited for midsized firms looking for flexible server configuration and maintenance. AIX, Linux and IBM i platforms all benefit from the speed, reliability and security Power Systems provides.

As you can tell, IBM Power Systems has a variety of powerful tools for businesses of all sizes. Contact us to start using IBM Power Systems to power your business data or to determine which solution is the right fit for your needs.

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