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We support all of its forms: containerization, server virtualization, network virtualization, storage virtualization, software-defined data center.

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What is virtualization?

Virtualization is the abstraction of the hardware layer by software like hypervisors and containers that allows for increased efficiency, flexibility and utilization than would otherwise be possible.

More, cheaper, faster

Customers of all sizes demand that their IT environment be as flexible, resilient and cost effective as possible. Genisys Group engineers specialize in helping customers accomplish these priorities within the timeframe and budget they need through virtualization.

Software is eating the world

Every organization is somewhere on the journey to software defined datacenters. Knowing which software to choose and when is where GGI provides expertise and guidance to our clients.

Where does the workload need to be?

GGI solutions give customers the flexibility to move workloads from physical to virtual to a different hypervisor to different sites or to the cloud. Genisys Group engineers work with customers on defining their ideal virtualized environment and how to fulfill that vision.


The more an environment is virtualized the easier it is for customers to see into their capacities, networks and utilizations. GGI deploys industry leading tools enabling clients to have improved visibility within their datacenters leading to more effective trouble shooting, event correlation and planning than would be possible in legacy environments.


Genisys Group empowers developers to utilize containers and the benefits of micro-services based application architectures as they develop cloud native web applications.

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