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This is where we started. Our teams have over 20 years of experience implementing and supporting IBM environments.

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Power Systems is IBM’s Power Architecture-based server line. These systems can run the IBM i (formerly i5/OS and OS/400), IBM AIX and Linux operating systems.

IBM Power Systems: It’s in our DNA

Genisys Group was originally founded as an IBM Business Partner and specifically the IBM Power Systems platform. As the IBM Power Systems have made major technological advances over the years, the Power systems have become more complicated with many more solutions to solve the IT challenges our customers face. Genisys Group has stayed ahead of the IBM Power Systems technology curve and is able to provide expertise for many different solutions.

Experienced senior level engineers

Since we opened our doors in 1997, Genisys Group has made a conscience effort to only provide Sr. Level engineers. Genisys Group’s dedicated Power System engineers average over 25 years of experience in the IBM Power Systems marketplace. Also, the Genisys Group engineer who makes technological recommendations is the engineer responsible for implementing and providing post-sales support to give the customer a better experience.

A total solution provider

If your company is a current IBM Power System user or if your company that is looking at new workloads to run on the IBM Power System platform, Genisys Group can provide a total solution including the following.

  • Workload assessments for existing or new workloads to be able to determine IBM Power System hardware requirements
  • Presales IBM Power System Configuration Support
  • Installation for new Power Systems
  • Migration for existing Power System workloads to new IBM Power Systems
  • OS Version and Release Upgrades for existing IBM Power System users
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions dedicated to the IBM Power platform
  • Cloud Based Options dedicated to the IBM Power platform
  • Managed services for new and existing IBM Power platform users

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