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Our backup and disaster recovery solutions provide value to customers by being secure, reliable, economical, accessible, flexible, provable, policy driven and efficient.

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What is backup / disaster recovery?

A “backup” is a copy of primary data saved to guard against corruption or loss of production data. “Disaster recovery” is the capability to resume production in the event of partial or complete environment failure.

The game has changed

Backup no longer has to involve tape and disaster recovery doesn’t have to include rarely used equipment at a second company location or co-location. GGI’s BU & DR customers save their data cost effectively and reliably via on premises storage options or to the cloud while maintaining defined RPO and RTO.

Likewise, our disaster recovery solutions incorporate existing co-locations or branches as well as give customers the capabilities to run their environment from secure cloud providers in the event of a disaster. This flexibility greatly increases the options companies have when unplanned events impact their critical systems.

Physical, Virtual, Cloud or Hybrid

The state of our customers’ environments are all unique. The solutions we deploy allow for customers to have any combination of physical, virtual or cloud environment. All sizes of data and companies are served by GGI’s backup and disaster recovery practice.

Each organization has its own requirements

Clients trust us to design, implement and maintain their backup and disaster recovery plans with their internal and regulatory policies in mind.

Updating legacy products can seem daunting

Our engineers specialize in understanding what clients like, dislike and wish for in their current BU and DR plans. With that understanding GGI is able to lay out a plan to move from legacy products to our proven current solutions while maintaining the integrity of our customers’ data.

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