Seagate EVault for Business

Seagate EVault provides businesses with secure cloud backup and recovery services, cloud archiving, onsite backup and recovery software and appliances, cloud resiliency services and long-term storage services.

Secure Cloud Backup

Seagate EVault’s cloud-connected server backup and recovery combined with endpoint protection and content archiving ensure that sensitive information stays secure. The EVault cloud is secured with end-to-end encryption that has data encrypted inside the firewall. Backups are made efficiently and quickly as only new or edited data is sent to the cloud directly from the Internet, reducing IT expenses.

Endpoint Data Protection

The EVault also allows for PC and laptop data to be backed up with EVault Endpoint Data Protection. The data from PCs and laptops are handled in the same secure fashion as server data, guaranteeing a cost effective way of protecting data. Network administrators are also given privileges to remotely suspend any device, recover files and wipe any confidential data if needed.

Content Archiving

To help businesses search through data better, Seagate EVault Content Archiving allows companies to quickly find, compile and aggregate search results through the use of full-text indexing, key phrase and keyword searching and an intuitive interface. Users can search through messages directly from Microsoft Outlook, Novell GroupWise clients and Lotus Notes.

Cloud Resiliency Means More Uptime

Seagate EVault’s cloud resiliency services helps to keep businesses running in times of emergency or outages. Seagate promises availability of data within 60 minutes of an outage and has a dedicated team of experts to make that happen.

Onsite Backup & Recovery

In addition to the cloud, Seagate EVault has onsite backup and recovery appliances to help businesses deal with scalability, performance and data protection issues. The appliances simplify complicated environments of data management and can also offer EVault replication to enhance data protection. The EVault Enterprise Backup and Recovery Appliances guard multiple across multiple applications and operating systems. Its architectural flexibility allow for corporate IT teams to quickly build a cloud tailored to its specific needs.

Long-Term Data Storage

Seagate EVault also provides long-term data storage service solutions for businesses that need to securely store data for up to several decades. Businesses will have instant access to this data that features pay-as-needed pricing to help keep costs low.

More Information

Do you need more information to determine if Seagate EVault is right for your business? Talk with a business data storage expert today to discuss your specific needs.

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