Roll Out: Skype For Business For Android


For those of you who have discovered the amazing benefits of utilizing Skype in your business, there is some new and exciting news! Skype for Business is now available as an app on Android devices. Over recent months, this app has been tested and previewed by a number of users and has received fabulous feedback.

There are a number of features that will make this app both useful and effective for business owners and their employees:

Ideal for When You Need Skype on Your Mobile Device

Nowadays, business isn’t just limited to conference rooms and offices; it travels everywhere you go. The design of the app’s dashboard allows you to put all of your scheduled meetings, past conversations, and your contacts in a single location. Joining a meeting takes only the touch of an icon, and to see the agenda of a meeting, all you need to do is select the name of the meeting in question. Not only this, but you can also utilize the full-screen option, mute your calls, and add participants as needed. Working on the go has never been easier!

#2 Improved Contact Management

This app makes it beyond easy to find any name, number, and email you need. You can easily search the app’s address list using the convenient search bar and remove or add contacts.

#3 Increased Security Options

The app utilizes modern authentication processes, which are also available to users of Office products. This means that all participants will have the same authentication experience across the board and will have the added security of not having their credentials stored within the device.

The modern authentication process also means that users will have an additional level of security along with the usual name and password request. Since the IT administrators are able to configure the authentication process to have multiple layers, the user will have the added security of having to accept a call or text before engaging in a meeting or other interaction.

What You Can Expect

If you currently utilize Lync 2013, you can expect to receive an automatic upgrade. For those who do not, the new app is now available within the Google Play store. In the future, you can expect Microsoft Intune to be integrated with the Skype for Business app, which will allow you to manage the app more efficiently and will give added security to the user experience.

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