What is the ROI of IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA?

ROI of IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA

Infrastructure plays a critical role in the success of SAP HANA deployments. Organizations deploy SAP HANA applications to streamline business processes and generate real-time insights. However, exploiting these capabilities place massive scalability and availability demands on the IT infrastructure. These demands need to be met in an environment that constantly changes with the business needs.

Thousands of organizations across various industries have chosen IBM Power Systems to run SAP HANA. Their decision was primarily driven by the need for an infrastructure that can simplify and accelerate their HANA deployments. Customers who moved from x86 to POWER are now able to provision HANA instances faster, scale them on demand and configure capacity at a level of precision – 0.01 core and 1 GB – which they could not get in their previous environment. And most importantly, they were able to bring down unplanned and planned infrastructure downtime to near zero.

One customer says: “If we needed to provide new large SAP HANA production systems in the past, we would have to buy, install and configure new physical appliances. Today, we can simply set up new logical partitions as and when needed, making the process of provisioning new large SAP HANA systems up to 20 times faster — a huge improvement. Being able to make resources available more quickly in this way enables us to react faster to changing customer requirements and business demands.”

Now, what are the economic benefits customers will likely realize from these unique capabilities? IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to find out. Forrester interviewed HANA customers to learn about their experience with IBM Power Systems and further quantified the potential benefits a hypothetical organization will likely realize. Below is the quick summary of findings. 


total economic impact of power systems for sap hana - summary of benefits

By Preeth Kannoth Patinharayil


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