What is a Network Management System?

A Network Management System (NMS) is an application or a complete set of applications that lets network engineers manage a variety of different components of the network. These are generally independent functions that a NMS will allow you to manage all from one place. Some of these functions include wired and wireless devices. A NMS allows you to handle all aspects of both kinds of devices through configuring, managing, updating, and troubleshooting these devices and the networks that connect them all.

Allowing engineers to manage all of these various devices from one central location allows the engineers to work faster and be able to fix any issues that a network or set of devices may be having all from one central location.

What Else Do NMS Systems Allow Metwork Engineers To Do?

Network Engineers can use NMS systems for a whole variety of different tasks and they also enjoy the convenience of getting to do it all from one central location. This convenience saves both time and energy as they can simply work from one central point within the networking system. The following are some specific tasks that a marketing engineer can accomplish from one NMS:

They Can Monitor Performance:

NMS's allow engineers to manage and handle the performance of all pieces of technology within a network from one central point or location. NMS devices will allow the engineers to determine if the network components are operating if the elements of the network are functioning correctly.

They Can Detect Devices:

NMS's allow engineers to determine which devices within the network are being used and ensure that they are being used appropriately and as they are intended to be used throughout the network. It also helps engineers determine if each individual device is recognized and if they are even supposed to be operating within the network.

They Can Analyze Devices:

NMS's are excellent tools that can help engineers determine the analysis of each individual device that is being used within the network. They can also evaluate their performances through aspects such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, and latency. 

Enable Notifications:

NMS's can help administrators receive notifications if their system is experiencing delays or interruptions so that they can address any performance issues as soon as they arise.

These are just a few of the ways that an NMS system can help network engineers gather complete information from one central point within their networking system. These NMS systems can manage a whole network from one virtual, central point and that can help save engineers time while doing their job more effectively. It also ensures that your network is more secure and better monitored than it would be if the engineers had to go to each device individually to monitor them.

NME Systems Provide a Rapid Return on Financial Investments:

NMS systems are an investment that will quickly pay for themselves in terms of increased company productivity and allow for better customization of certain aspects of one's network to allow your company to meet its own individual goals. Today, technology has allowed many networks to be brought together through one NMS instead of requiring each to have a separate NMS to connect those devices. Both wired and wireless devices can come together to create one network that can be managed through an NMS system.


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