Top 6 Free Network Vulnerability Scanners.

top 6 free network vulnerability scanners

Every new day, hackers and security researchers uncover new vulnerabilities, augmenting the thousands of known loopholes in operating systems, services, firmware, and applications. You do not want malicious users targeting your network to steal your data or harm the organization. So you need vulnerability scanners to identify any holes in your systems in advance.

These six free network vulnerability scanners work effectively and would give excellent results.

1. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager  

It may not be a tool nor a network vulnerability scanner, but the trial version makes into this list due to its efficiency in validating network equipment to identify any omissions and configuration errors. For 30 days, you can check for settings that allow for vulnerabilities without the obligation to advance to its paid version.

2. ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

It offers paid and free versions, and both are effective for automated mitigation and vulnerability scanning. The two variants work well in Windows Server environments and Windows systems.

3. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 

For larger organizations, this free tool can be less than ideal. However, it works perfectly for small businesses that use Microsoft products and a few servers. It may not handle the specific vulnerabilities that true scanners address, but it identifies missing patches, security upgrades, and service packs. Furthermore, it can be used for scanning systems for any administrative issues.

4. Paessler Network Vulnerability (with PRTG) 

This section of the PRTG network monitoring system PRTG network monitoring system, and you can use it to observe traffic patterns, check logs, as well as to guard the uses of ports and resources. One crucial benefit is that you can use up to 100 sensors for free.

5. Nexpose Community Edition

Free scans are limited to a maximum of 32 IP addresses, and the tool can effectively discover and log any of your network-connected devices to highlight their vulnerabilities. The scanner works seamlessly of physical machines that use either Linux or Windows and comes as a VM appliance.

6. Open Vulnerability Assessment System

The free vulnerability manager is entirely free with a host of open-source components. OpenVAS gets an edge on efficiency since it offers more than 50,000 regularly updated network vulnerability tests.

With the above tools, you will ensure that each vulnerability on your network has been identified, addressed, and fixed or mitigated.


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