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Cloud data leaks exacerbated by a lack of security automation.

cloud data security 

This week, FireMon released the 2020 State of Hybrid Cloud Security Report, which describes the security situation in the cloud computing industry.

While enterprises are increasingly moving to the cloud, their security teams are getting smaller in size. And although the complexity of tasks is steadily growing, the budgets allocated for security remain unchanged. That creates a serious obstacle for preventing data leaks.

Over the past year, the number of organizations spending less than a quarter of their total budget on cloud security has increased by 20.7% to reach 78.2%. Almost half of them spent less than 10% of their total budget to protect data in the cloud. Most of the respondents (69.5%) worked in teams of up to 10 people, compared to 52% last year, and the number of five people security teams almost doubled, reaching 45.2%.

Despite the fact that one of the most frequently mentioned cloud security issues is the incorrect configuration of security settings due to human error or obvious negligence, many companies still use manual processes to manage the cloud. The lack of access to appropriate automation and security integration tools exacerbates the problem, according to researchers at FireMon.

In addition, according to the report, a third of organizations claimed that misconfiguration and human error was the biggest threat to their hybrid cloud environment. However, 73.5% of them still used manual processes to manage security (65.4% of all respondents).

Researchers believe that the use of automated network security tools, reliable structures of the application programming interface (API) and integration with the public cloud will help to solve the problem.

More than 500 people took part in the FireMon study, 14% of whom are security executives.

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