Nashville Tech Market Is Booming

Music City Becoming Tech Mecca?

Nashville is known around the world as Music City, USA. And for good reason. The music industry – particularly country music – has deep roots in Nashville and has been a staple of local commerce for decades. While Nashville will always been known for great music, it’s no secret that it also has a booming technology scene, attracting companies and tech professionals in droves.

In 2013, Forbes ranked Nashville as the 10th best city in the U.S. for tech jobs. The current market is reflecting that digital drive, with major tech companies (including Google) increasing their presence in Nashville. As noted in the article in Forbes, “In Nashville tech employment is up 65.8%, largely due to the area’s rise as a hospital management and healthcare IT hub, with a 160% spike in jobs in computer systems design services.”

Nashville Tech Development & Leadership

When it comes to the influx of IT and tech jobs, companies like ServiceSource are on the ball. ServiceSource plans to create hundreds of new jobs by expanding its downtown Nashville sales center and regional headquarters.

Liza Lowery Massey, president and CEO of the, Nashville Technology Council, noted of the digital growth, “With our creative culture, central location, low taxes and warm climate, tech jobs are booming.” Learn more about the NTC and how they’re providing technology education and workforce development, as well as thought leadership for Nashville technology:

Another top tech resource for the Nashville business community is the Entrepreneur Center. It provides a thriving environment for startup incubation, particularly in the area of emerging technology, and will soon feature Google Fiber.

Nashville has been selected as one of the next cities to receive ultra-fast internet connection service. It looks as though the 2013 articles were correct & Nashville is officially on the technology map!

Proud To Be Headquartered in Nashville

We are looking forward to the changes that are sure to come in Nashville over the next several years. If you are part of a Nashville business and in need of technology solutions, we’re here to help. Contact one of our local experts to find the right solution for your business today.

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