IBM Cognos Express for Businesses

IBM Cognos Express is a product that helps small businesses grow while expanding their Business Intelligence (BI) solution, and addressing their needs along the way. When using IBM Cognos, businesses have access to reliable and constant information. Through the product, they have a partner to help answer any questions along the way.

Any small business can benefit from a source they can go to in order to ask ‘how are we doing?’ and ‘What should we be doing?’. Managers can then work faster and make better decisions to reduce costs and optimize workflow.

For new businesses looking to expand and start their BI planning strategy, IBM Cognos has everything you need to start right away. It’s easy-to-use and powerful abilities work for both advanced users and beginners alike, designed to integrate every part of the business.

The best way for smaller companies to compete with larger industry rivals is to have access to timely, accurate, and specifically targeted information. These points can help any business make important decisions that allow them to excel. These BI programs will provide your company with this information to improve your visibility and the decisions you make.

The Four Components of IBM Cognos Express

IBM Cognos Express has four different components: Reporter, Advisor, Xcelerator, and Planner.


The reporter is software that gives your company complete reporting and ad hoc capabilities for average-sized businesses. It gives them the ability to modify, access, or create any reports they need to in an efficient manner. The reporter was designed with your needs in mind while reducing costs for information shared throughout the business.


The advisor is software that analyzes any data given and translates it into organized data with incredible visuals to help your business quickly understand the information being presented. When businesses have the ability to take this complex information and have it translated in a manner that allows them take quick action and make better decisions.


The Xcelerator takes information plugged into spreadsheets and transforms them into optimized business information. It has a strong memory engine that’s perfectly designed for multidimensional analysis. So if your company has a lot of ‘what if’ questions, the Xcelerator will help you gain better insight to make proper decisions and improve outcomes.


The planner gives businesses proper budging, planning, and forecasting information especially for midsized companies. It helps transform the way plan, giving them the opportunity to adapt to evolving industry conditions. The planner will give daily, weekly, or monthly updates, which replaces other slow tools.

IBM Cognos Express is the first of its kind to offer mid-sized businesses real solutions to help them adapt and grow in their ever-changing environment. Whether it’s help planning for the future, taking complex information and turning it into readable data, or make reports on your progress, Cognos Express is a tool that can help you succeed now and in the future.

More Information

Do you need more information to determine if IBM Cognos Express is right for your business? Talk with a business data storage expert today to discuss your specific needs.

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