Cloud ERP for Manufacturing Companies

Making the Move to Cloud ERP

As with every complex business decision, moving to or upgrading an ERP for your firm can take a lot of preparation. Once you have made the decision, you are still faced with an infrastructure question: “Should the ERP be deployed in the Cloud?”. Several years ago, the answer may have led to even more questions — or even raised some eyebrows. Today, most private offerings are either already available for the cloud or can be ported with a minimum of fuss.

Here are 3 areas to consider when determining whether or not it makes sense for your organization to host their ERP on the cloud:


As cloud-based enterprise solutions went online, many people expressed concerns about the safety of data being distributed like it is. Years later, it appears that it may even be safer to host your infrastructure in the cloud because the data centers that cloud vendors provide are hardened and typically receive more budget attention than most firms are able to provide to their own infrastructure. The recent Sony attack is a good example of a corporation with its own infrastructure being attacked on a scale that hasn’t happened in the cloud.


ERP packages are available for a variety of budgets. There are even worthwhile open source solutions on the market that can be modified to work in the cloud. One of the key cost areas that cloud providers sell is the ability to replace your own infrastructure costs with their own, lower costs.

When working with hosting providers like this, remember that the software that you use for ERP is secondary to them in terms of function. Your responsibility is therefore greater when it comes to making platform decisions. On the other hand, while working with an ERP software vendor, there will be a lot more valuable insight that will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing your software, but the hosting component will be secondary, giving the advantage in that area to the hosting providers.


Most ERP packages that are designed for the cloud leverage the ability for organizations to use multiple mobile platforms to access the database, frequently resulting in greater productivity savings than those that are just able to be hosted at a cloud provider. Working with the vendor to establish ROI variables for your implementation is a pretty good way of providing concrete numbers for your firm in advance of making a purchasing decision.

The Final Decision

Ultimately, the move to using a Cloud ERP solution for your business can be a complex one. Our goal is to help you untangle the facts from the horror stories or pie in the sky promises — to help you make the most sense of your options. We predictable provide solutions with proven results.

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