All About IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems consist of server applications designed to eliminate waiting. After all, who has time to wait on a server these days, right?

Open Technology

IBM uses open technology in their Power Systems, meaning that they are willing to share the source code with developers. Why would they do this? The answer is that open technology encourages developers to look for new ways to employ source code that expands IBM’s reach beyond what IBM would be able to do alone. Open technology also allows developers to find and help fix bugs in the code.

Cloud Environment

In order to gain desired access speeds, IBM operates their Power Systems in a cloud network, consisting of both private and hybrid clouds. Operating in a cloud network also allows access to IBM Power Systems from virtually anywhere in the world. Customers often find that they can deploy new developments in a fraction of the time experienced in other types of networks.

Big Data

IBM Power Systems are ideal for processing big data. Customers typically see a multifold increase in throughput. This allow enterprises to expand their revenue-generating services and capitalize on their investments. The power of big data allows companies to more fully understand customer profile data and minimize risks by employing strategic marketing initiatives. Big data also helps entities reduce their risks and update their operating procedures more quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Applications

More and more users of technology are moving to mobile platforms. This means that underlying support must continually be upgraded to keep up with demand. IBM Power Systems allow users to access real-time data in order to support mobile operations. Dynamically shifting loads can be accommodated while simultaneously providing rock-solid security.


IBM Power Systems allow midsized businesses to gain valuable marketing insights that can help them grow their customer base and generate additional revenue streams. Smaller businesses now have the ability to perform data analytics that, in the past, were reserved for only the largest companies. Larger companies can deploy complex applications with full confidence that the programs will run smoothly and efficiently in the cloud network.

Whether an entity is small or large, IBM provides a full range of Power Systems that allow businesses to exploit the most recent advances in technology, including those related to mobile platforms.

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