4 Ways Palo Alto Firewalls Contribute to Network Security and Speed

Network security is more important than ever. Whether you head a major international brand or you’re a solo entrepreneur, everyone in business needs to be aware of the emerging risks posed by global hacker cartels. Not only can these organizations steal your data: They can also cause a major crisis of confidence among your customers that could cost you dearly for years to come.

When security is crucial, it’s a good idea to go beyond firewall software and install a hardware solution instead. These “firewall platforms” help to control both incoming and outgoing network traffic by applying security rules that you define in accordance with your goals. A firewall platform serves as a single “gateway” that makes it harder for intruders to infiltrate your system.

Palo Alto firewalls are the most trusted in the industry for a number of reasons:

Palo Alto Firewalls Help Maintain the Speed of Your Network

Many firewall platforms from other companies have a negative impact on network speed. The Palo Alto product line is designed to meet the needs of high-performance data centers where speed and flexibility coexist alongside security. Productivity is enhanced when your network performs well.

Palo Alto Firewalls Recognize and Manage Emerging Security Threats

Palo Alto firewalls are equipped with a full suite of automated responses to threats. They include built-in antivirus and data filtering capabilities, malware protection and the ability to completely secure mobile device traffic no matter where in the world it originates from.

Palo Alto Firewalls Help Facilitate Virtualization of Your Network

Virtualization is key to curbing costs and achieving precision awareness of network user activity. Although the firewall platform is a piece of hardware, it easily integrates into your virtualization strategy. It provides full support for VPN, IPv6 and modern decryption.

Palo Alto Firewalls Grant Granular and Adaptable Network Control

Many networks are made up of multiple pieces of hardware that help to route traffic more effectively. The Palo Alto firewall platform is intended to centralize administration and management tasks, especially device and policy control. This leads to total consistency across the network and eliminates flaws that hackers can exploit.

Having a Palo Alto firewall installed on your network is like having a security expert who is always watching for trouble. Any IT leader or executive who is concerned about security should implement this kind of robust solution as soon as possible.

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