3 Important Advantages of IBM Power Systems

Businesses have more complex technology needs than ever before — with more potential risk than ever we have ever seen. Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things have propelled the conversation around connectivity from an option to a requirement. However, to make them work, they need processor intensive high performance computing to meet data throughput and processing requirements. IBM Power Systems are designed to meet these needs in many different ways.

Open Platform

IBM has created a robust product line to meet business needs by embracing open source solutions and integrating them into an open stack of software that deploys easily to meet any business need. This leverages open source and industry innovation into a solid system solution. IBM calls this implementation OpenPOWER and works with various open source operating systems to help scale up in processing power and across different open source architectures. Solutions developed with Java and scripting languages can be ported across many different size and power implementations.

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Big Data Analytics

Scaling up processing power allows IBM Power Systems to handle big data analytics with ease. IBM’s increasing processor cores and increased input/output helps businesses run analytical and computational processes faster and more accurately. Structured data, in the form of databases, and unstructured data, commonly found in social media analytics and noSQL implementations, are easily handled through IBM’s innovative Power Systems architecture. IBM Power Systems can analyze data 50 times faster than current x86-based systems. Various sources of structured and unstructured data can be leveraged to gain valuable insights that impact the bottom line and company direction.

Cloud Solutions

Businesses across all industries are looking to take advantage of cloud technology, and IBM Power Systems are there with some of the best in class cloud offerings. IBM can provide managed services for cloud implementations and also partner with businesses to create hybrid cloud solutions to meet unique workloads and automation needs. A secure virtualization foundation creates efficient cloud deployments while open standards help provide flexible solutions that integrate and port across various OpenStack implementations, saving businesses time and money. A robust service catalog helps others discover services — and not duplicate effort. This enables faster solutions to be implemented and greater customer satisfaction through automation and reuse of computing assets.

Businesses utilize technology every day to gain efficiency and competitive advantages. Understanding which solution is best for your business is the key to making a great decision for your company, and it is our passion. We partner with the best brands in technology to find the right solution for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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