4 Things Businesses Need To Know About The Cloud

Cloud computing has grown hugely in the past few years. Companies are seeing the benefits of using the cloud in order to easily share data and resources within a network of employees. However, there are a few facts that companies should consider before immediately signing up for the cloud.


There is particular concern about cloud security and how effective it is. Critics have noted that invasion, data exposure, vulnerabilities and denial of service attacks are possible security threats in a cloud service. It is important to make sure that the cloud vendor a business chooses has strong security measures to prevent these threats from happening. Hiring an effective cybersecurity firm can also help create strong security measures for a network.


The cloud has a huge benefit in that it allows for increased productivity. According to curiousrubik.com, 80% of companies saw an increase in productivity with cloud services. Users are able to conveniently access network applications from any device through the cloud, making it location independent. Creating a pool of resources for a company’s employees can lead to higher efficiency and reliability. The cloud saves a lot of time because it allows users to access and work on data together.

Lower Costs

Another benefit to using the cloud is that it saves a company a lot of money. The majority of companies who use the cloud have noted a reduction in costs since they have transitioned. The cloud model has lower operating expenses because the infrastructure is taken care of by a third party. A cloud system has lower maintenance fees and software licensing and upgrading fees. The cloud also assists in saving resources, leading to a higher cut in costs.

Vendor Contracts

One potentially negative drawback to cloud computing would be the contracts. Some smaller cloud vendors will try to trap companies with contracts, sometimes by adding expensive fees for certain services or by claiming ownership over the company’s data. This can be avoided as long as cloud vendors are carefully researched before being hired by a business.

While it does have its potential pitfalls, the cloud has a lot to offer. For many organizations, the benefits outweigh the risks in using a cloud computing system.

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